Youths congregate in Kuala Lumpur in Occupy-inspired movement

Updated: 2011-10-16 00:24:00


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KUALA LUMPUR, October 16 (Xinhua) -- About 50 people occupied Malaysia's Independent Square in downtown Kuala Lumpur on Saturday in an assembly inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement that started in New York to protest against Wall Street greed and corporate influence in politics.

The assembly, dubbed Occupy Dataran, was a far cry in number from that in New York or other major cities.

Protesters sang, played music and games and shared food, addressing peacefully what they saw as social injustice in the country.

"I think it is a worthy cause, in terms of economic and social justice. I think its especially important these issues are raised using direct democracy because the current form of democracy that we have is not working," one of the protesters, Han told Xinhua.

"Its not that it is completely broken, it is that the majority people are ignored by the system and they have no way in seeking the means to achieve what they desired. I am here because I want new way of making decision," he said.

Police have tried to disperse the crowd, majority of whom were college students, but the protesters kept returning to the square.

They have intended to camp out at the square until Sunday.

Activist and academician, Wong Chin Huat said the gathering would not create much impact but it allowed the young population to explore the underlying problems in the country's political system.

"Anti-capitalism is not my cause, anti-authoritarian definitely is," Wong said.

"I don't think they will create a lot of impact because the crowd is very small, but I think it is interesting they are experimenting a different way of organizing public life," he added.

The Occupy Dataran movement was organized on social networking website, Facebook about two weeks ago.