December 20,2002
Entertainment listing

Fountain of Tears

The Central Ballet of China, also known as the National Ballet of China, is to perform Fountain of Tears. Inspired by Russian poet Pushkin's poem, the ballet is choreographed by Ben Stevenson of the American Houston Ballet Troupe. The story tells how a Mongolian king falls in love with a princess from Poland when his army invades Europe. 80-580 yuan (US$9-70). 7:30 pm, Dec 21-22. Poly Theatre (Dongsishitiao). Tel: 6506-5345, 6500-1188 ext 5126 保利剧院/东四十条

The Nutcracker

Specially for Christmas, the two-act Broadway version aims for laughter and vivid colours.Performed by Guangzhou Ballet. Zhang Dandan, head of the ballet troupe, is the artistic director of the show, which is choreographed by David Wilcox and coached by Lisa Marie Goodwin. Founded in 1994 by Zhang, the youngest ballet troupe in China is also the fastest developing. 60-380 yuan (US$7-46). 7:30 pm, Dec 23, 24. Tianqiao Theatre (30 Beiweilu, Xuanwu District. Tel: 8315-6338


Who Cares

Gershwin's jazz songs adapted for ballet on stage is what American choreographer Balanchine achieved in 1970. It will be performed by dancers with the Central Ballet of China, who have won top awards in ballet competitions worldwide. Besides Who Cares, they will dance Butterfly Lovers, re-arranged in a contemporary way by a Swedish choreographer from a Chinese violin concerto. These prolific award winners will also dance The Death of the Swan by Fokin and excerpts from Swan Lake. 80-580 yuan (US$9.60-70). 7:30 pm, Dec 24-25. Poly Theatre . Tel: 6500-1188 ext 5126 保利剧院


Young ballet artists from the Guangzhou Ballet are to present their dancing version of Turandot , loosely based on the Puccini opera. With Chinese composer Huang Qiuyuan re-arranging the music to adapt it to ballet, the show is choreographed by Andre Prokovsky, with the scenery and costume designed by Robin Cameron Don. Tong Shusheng and Fu Shu will act the heroine. The hero will be performed by Zou Gang, one of China's best male ballet dancers. Making its debut this June in Guangzhou, it will be the Beijing premiere. 60-380 yuan (US$7.2-45.7). 7:30 pm, Dec 26, 27. Tianqiao Theatre .Tel: 8315-6338 天桥剧场

Peking Opera master

Mei Lanfang, the experimental ballet depicting the life of China's greatest Peking Opera master is to on. Guangzhou Ballet created the production last year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his death. The ballet features the man and four female roles he played in colourful performances. Zhao Lemeng, an award-winning dancer, one of China's best male ballet stars, acts as Mei. 60-380 yuan (US$7.20-46). 7:30 pm, Dec 29, 30. Tianqiao Theatre . Tel: 8315-6338 天桥剧场

Swan Lake

One of the most-often-staged pieces by the Central Ballet of China, Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, choreographed for the troupe by Russian ballet master Peter Gusev, is to celebrate the new year. 80-580 yuan (US$9.60-70). 7:30 pm, Dec 27-30. Poly Theatre (Dongsishitiao). Tel: 6506-5345, 6500-1188 ext 5126 保利剧院/东四十条


Christmas Eve

The China National Symphony Orchestra's Chorus will sing holy songs for Christmas Eve. Conducted by Guo Mengyong from China's Taiwan, the choir will sing Silent Night, Merry Christmas to You, Hallelujah, ShangriLa and In the Place Far Away. 40-180 yuan (US$4.80-22). 7:30 pm, Dec 24. Concert Hall of China National Library (Zhongguancun Nandajie). Tel: 6841-9263 国图音乐厅,白石桥北

Best of the bunch

China's best violin players over three generations will gather in Beijing to present the best of their music. From China's former top player, Sheng Zhongguo, to the latest Chen Xi, who has just won the silver medal in the Tchaikovsky Music Competition, nine violinists will feature such works as Saint-Sains' Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Ravel's Tzigane Rhapsody and others. 7:30 pm, Dec 25, 26. Forbidden City Concert Hall (in Zhongshan Park). Tel: 6559-8285


Young film star on stage

Teenager Tang Yun became a star after acting in Chen Kaige's film Together. He will walk onto the stage to play the violin in a concert. Now a student in the High School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, he will play the theme music from Schindler's List and a love-themed Uygur piece named Why the Flowers Are So Red. In the concert there are also pianist Huang Yameng on Chopin's Nightingale, cellist Feng Kanghao on Saint-Sains' Swan and others. 7:30 pm, Dec 30. Century Theatre. Tel: 6466-4805, 6462-8470 世纪剧院


Modern Times (An Ju)

The 1997 production spotlights the lifestyle of China's families in the changing economic system. An old woman is neglected by her son, who, too busy making money to take care of her, hires a housekeeperr. At first they can not get along. Trouble erupts when the two become close friends. In Chinese with English subtitles. 8 pm, Dec 20. Cherry Lane Movies, To the east of Century Theatre. Tel: 6430-1398 樱花巷电影


New realism

New works by artists from the French New Realism school are on display at China Millennium Altar.

The genre has been of great influence. It reinterprets material reality with a new perspective through paintings, installations, sculptures and other forms of expression to make a strong visual impact on viewers. The work of 13 artists will be presented. 9 am-5 pm until Jan 18, 2003. 9A Fuxing Lu. Tel: 6857-3281


Silk Road ambience

Antiques discovered on the silk road and elsewhere along Tianshan Mountain in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will be shown early next month in the Museum of Chinese History.

The legendary road connecting China and foreign countries in ancient times has left a fantastic legacy and cultural relics that reveal the essence of the civilization at that time. A large portion of the exhibits are to be shown for the first time outside Xinjiang, including a spectacular Qiemo Dried Corpse. 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Jan 15-Apr 15, 2003. East side of Tian'anmen Square. Tel: 6512-832


Painstaking paper

A demonstration of Chinese ancient printing and paper-making technology is going on at Kerry Centre where people can get handmade rice paper for free and experience the making of the paper by themselves under the guidance of craftsmen from Hua Bao Zhai Group. An antique furniture show for collectors is also underway. 10 am-6 pm until Dec 20. Basement of Kerry Shopping Mall, 1 Guanghua Lu. Tel: 8529-8383


Motor mania

Jointly organized by China Automotive Industry International Corporation, the Auto-Industry Sub-Council of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Society of Automotive Engineers of China and China International Exhibition Centre, three major auto industrial exhibitions will be held here next year. They are Commercial Vehicle Exhibition 2003, AMS 2003, scheduled from Sep 25 to 28, and Motorcycle Expo 2003, which will be held from Dec 6 to 9 at Beijing Exhibition Hall. They aim to tap the market potential that was reflected by the rocketing production and sale of cars in China over the past two years. Tel: 6493-8403 北京展览馆

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